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beautifully handcrafted handbags, wallets and other assorted interesting creations


Handcrafted Statement Handbags. Stylish and fun, one of a kind bags

View the Handbag, Backpack and Sling collection here


A beautiful range of Clutch Style, Zip Around and Mini Wallets

View the Wallet Collection here


Hands free bags that sit across the body, big or small, find them all here 

View the Crossbody Collection here

Why buy handmade you may ask??

There is a beauty in handmade that cannot be found in mass made, factory produced products.
When you choose to buy handmade, you arent just buying a "thing" ... Each piece of  fabric, and each stitch has been sewn with the heart and soul of the artist woven into it.
Fabrics combinations are carefully contemplated.
Each item has been selected with thought, made with care, and intended to last.
Don't just buy a "thing"... buy a piece of art with soul!
Support the makers, the creators, and the people who seek to make the world a more beautiful place!
Thank you for choosing handmade! 

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About Us

Hello and welcome to Hewetson Ridge Handmade. My name is Sarah, and I am a stay at home mum/full time snack attendant for my 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son. 

Here at Hewetson Ridge, you'll find gorgeous handcrafted items, and every bag and wallet I sell here has been carefully designed and sewn by me. 

Although I have been sewing since I was a child, it wasn't until after my son was born and post natal depression struck that I rediscovered the joy I find in sewing and the accomplishment in seeing an idea come to life and the pride in doing something well.

I started making my own clothes, as well as clothing for my children and was soon being asked if I could make them for other people too. As the kids got bigger and I started branching out,mastering new skills, and I soon discovered a passion for creating fun and artistic handbags and wallets

You wont find anything mass produced here, everything is made in small batches with a focus on quality, comfort, character and practicality, and I hope you enjoy browsing through the creations that make it through the creative chaos in my brain and out into the real world!


When I am not holed up in my craft room holding fabric auditions, or bringing one of my creative ideas to life, I can be found dragging my children around in the great outdoors, ignoring TLCs advice from the 90s and indeed chasing those waterfalls! 

It's a real privilege when I get to share my passion with other people, and I hope you get as much joy out of using your fabulous Hewetson Ridge Handmade goodies, as I get through making them for you!!!

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